Who is babu

Imagine a warm breeze, a spring day, wandering the urban sprawl of Melbourne.
Imagine the laneway, the street art of Melbourne, the smell of coffee roasting in the air.
Feel the heat as the tram sails past at your feet.
As it glides to halt, see a man. He strides from the tram and the sunlight glint off his shades.
This man, his sharp suit, his coiffed hair, his easy gait, this man is magnetic.
He draws you with his smooth style, and cool sophistication. A man of the world; experienced, cultured, His enigmatic warmth and honest charm ease you and welcome you.
You see him and he sees you, there is a click and it’s good.

It’s real.

It’s sudden.

It’s casual.

It’s easy.

You are happy.

He is the Man.

He is Babu.