A great sidekick to our famous Burger. A selection of Beef, Chicken or Veg Balls. Made in house with a real homely feel, giving the pure satisfaction of a home cooked meal. You’ve tried our Burgers why not try our Balls? You select your Balls and choose from our sauce selection: White, Green, Yellow or Red Sauce. Once you know the color of sauce to put on your balls you need to choose a side to rest your colored balls on: Rice, Chips or Salad.


We Love Sauce. The Babu Sauce Collection features a range of carefully selected sauces with flavors designed to accompany our Burgers and Chips. All Burgers, Dine-In or delivered come with complimentary sauce: Tomato Sauce, Pink Mayo, Spicy BBQ. The Complete Sauce Collection: Tomato Sauce, Pink Mayo, Spicy BBQ, Garlic Aioli, Chipotle Mayo, American Mustard

Free Delivery

Babu Offers a Free Burger and Alcohol Delivery service for orders over 30$. If you order under $30 we can still deliver your burgers for a 6$ delivery fee. WE hold a fleet of highly skilled Burger Delivery drivers on call to deliver your Burgers Fresh and Quick! We use our own designed Burger Packs to keep your Delivered Burgers and all its toppings warm, fresh and in place. These measures are to ensure your Burger Delivery Experience is at a Restaurant quality Level.

We Deliver Alcohol

Our delivery service includes Delivery of Alcohol. We stock a wide range of Beer, Wine and mixed spirits to deliver with your Burger Delivery order.

Build your burger

Our Steak Quality Burgers are served open. All Burgers come with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Onion and our complimentary sauce collection on the side.
You can select from a list of over 30 ingredients to add to your Burger and create your perfect Burger every time you order a Babu Burger.

Day & night delivery

At Babu you can order your Burger Delivery as early as 11am and we deliver Burgers as late as 23:00 on weekends.We Deliver Burgers FAST, all day long and 7 days a week!